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The islector bug zapper is the perfect solution for keeping your home clean and healthy. This insect/giant bug zapper is perfect for use in store shop. With its nifty zapper body and trap-like design, this zapper can be used in your home to kill pests prior to they enter. The islector bug zapper also features a great smell, making it perfect for anytime, anywhere use.

Deals for ISELECTOR Bug Zapper

The istelector bug zapper is a device that can be used to remove bugs from buildings. It is made from metal and plastic and has a night lamp to help keep you seen at night. The zapper has a low price for the fact that it is only effective against bug problems and is not effective againstian fly traps.
the iselector bug zapper is a powerful and efficient electric bug zapper that can kill flies, mosquitoes, and other insects. This zapper is perfect for controlling pests in your home or office. The zapper has an easy-to-use body and can be used with uva or uvb light, making it perfect for inside or an outside environment. The iselector bug zapper is also incompatible with theicide bug zapper, so it can be used for both pest control and control of animals.
the iselector is a bug zapper that works with flies, it is perfect for home use or for trapping indoor bugs and birds. The zapper has a winch to pull things up from under bedding and a built-in trap that can killvector bugs. The zapper also comes with a mosquito checker that will help you to identify if your home is being infested with bugs.